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Why women are using naked massage as a cheaper alternative to anal sex

Why women are using naked massage as a cheaper alternative to anal sex

When a massage therapist or massage masseur asks you to massage her breasts or nipples, you may think, “No problem.”

But what if you’re a guy?

Or a girl?

Or both?

In that case, you might want to check the company’s privacy policy to see what’s going on.

If a massage massage is being offered at your spa, there’s a good chance it’s being done for a fee.

And the terms of the agreement can vary by state.

Here’s a list of some common terms:Payment: In some states, if the massage is to be paid for, the customer has to sign a “disclosure statement.”

That’s typically something like this: “I understand that this massage may involve touching my private parts, including, without limitation, my private areas.

I agree to the following terms of service, including my privacy policy.”

In some states (California, for example), the terms don’t say what they’re asking for.

In others, it’s more specific: “This massage may include touching my body, including but not limited to my breasts, nipples, genital area, buttocks, or any part of my body that may be sensitive to vibration, pressure, temperature, or light.”

There are some companies that require a disclosure statement to be posted on their website.

But in most states, this is not required.

The only time you’ll need to disclose is if you want to see if the company is a sex-positive business, like Theravax or XpressTouch.

Disclosure: If a massage company asks you for a disclosure, you should ask what that statement means.

In general, if you know that a massage is optional, but you want the company to pay for it, it should say so.

If you don’t know, you can usually find out with the company.

Pricing: Sometimes, a massage can cost as little as $20 or $50 depending on what you’re doing.

If a company is offering an optional massage service, it will ask for payment upfront.

If it’s a commercial massage, the amount is usually a sliding scale, from $25 for the first session to $50 for each additional session.

Liability: In most states and cities, a company may have to pay your spa or massage parlor for damages that it caused during the massage.

For example, a woman might lose money for being so aggressive and hard-core that she accidentally exposed herself to another customer, and the spa owes her money for that.

Or a man might be charged for sexual assault and emotional distress.

Or even a woman could get fired.

In many states, the law doesn’t specifically say what you need to prove for a lawsuit.

But the general idea is that the massage company may not have been in a good position to determine whether you were a credible and safe customer.

The Bottom Line You may be wondering, “How can I avoid paying a lot of money to a massage parlour?”

Here are some tips to help you avoid the “burden of proof” and make sure your company isn’t a sex business.


Ask upfront.

Ask if the masseuse or massage therapist is a massage or sexual therapist.

They may or may not be certified in this field.

If not, they may have a different title, or have an established business, or are part of a national group of massage therapists.

Ask for a “no liability” agreement.

In a “yes” or “yes, but only if there is no injury or death” agreement, the company agrees to pay all or part of the legal costs.

This means that you don,t have to prove that the masseuser or therapist harmed you.


Be careful with massage services.

It’s illegal for most massage parls to charge for services without a license, which usually means that they have to be certified as sex-negative, like Xpress Touch or Theravac.

So, if a company isn”t a sex positive business, they”re probably not required to have a license.


Keep a safe distance.

Make sure that you can avoid touching someone else’s private parts and you have an appointment or call center with someone to escort you away from a particular massage parlance.


If your company has a contract, consider paying the full amount upfront.

The company may give you an additional payment if you don”t pay in full within 30 days.

The agreement can include clauses like, “If you don”‘t pay this amount, the spa or masseuse may not accept new clients.”


Keep in mind that a spa or a massage room is a private space.

If the room is open to the public, the risk of someone being exposed to someone else could be increased.


Don’t pay with cash.

A lot of massage parliaments charge a fee to use a


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