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When your car is stolen, your car’s owner is usually dead

When your car is stolen, your car’s owner is usually dead

By now you probably have heard the story of a car thief who steals a car that was owned by someone else and then drives it to a gas station to fill up.

Now you may also know about a woman who stole her own car and then ran over and killed her husband.

But there’s a whole other story about a man who got out of jail after he was found guilty of killing his ex-wife and now wants to be the new owner of her car, and it happened in Idaho.

That’s right, a man was found dead in a ditch in southern Idaho, with his own body hanging from a tree.

He was apparently found by his former wife who claimed he’d stolen her car.

The man was sentenced to life in prison, but the judge later decided to release him on a $3,500 bond.

This is a story of murder, suicide, and a murder mystery that will have you asking questions, and that’s exactly what the Idaho Department of Corrections did.

The state Department of Correction sent a letter to the victim’s family on April 18, asking them to please keep her family in their prayers.

The letter said the department believes that the victim was murdered on or about April 13, 2018.

They also stated that the man who killed her was a serial offender who has killed at least three people in Idaho, but there is no evidence to suggest he killed any other people.

In an interview with Idaho’s KTVB News, the woman who killed the man in the ditch said she believes he killed her and was upset at being separated from her husband for so long.

She was distraught that she couldn’t get to him.

The woman said she was afraid to tell her family because she thought the man would get more than what he got.

“I was very upset because I couldn’t let her go,” the woman told KTVP.

The victim’s sister told KWTV that the woman said that the husband had killed her three times before and she never knew why.

She also said that her sister believes that he was trying to get revenge on her, and she told KVLY that she felt like she was getting hit by a truck and couldn’t go back to the car dealership where she worked.

“She was like, I don’t want to go back there, it’s going to get worse, I can’t get home,” the sister said.

The department said that it was made aware of the case after receiving a tip that a car had been stolen and was looking into the case.

It is unclear how the department obtained the information, but they do have the phone number of the victim and the date of the theft.

The family of the woman killed in the May 21, 2018, case has been in a state of shock since she was found.

They have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Idaho Division of Corrections.


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