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Which men have you used in your massage sessions?

Which men have you used in your massage sessions?

Female massage is a popular option for men who want to get a massage, and a new study has revealed that men use the service in similar ways to women.

The research by the Australian Medical Association (AAMI) found that of the 100 male and 100 female massage therapists surveyed, 74% of them had used male massage therapists.

This is the same proportion that women have used.

The research, conducted by AAMI in partnership with The Medical Journal of Australia, surveyed men and women who were in the massage industry.

It is the first time the association has surveyed massage therapists to identify their demographics and preferences.

The researchers found that almost all massage therapists had experience in both genders, but that the men tended to prefer women’s services, and the women preferred the men’s services.

Dr. Joanne Clements, AAMI president, said the study showed that the vast majority of massage therapists are men.

“A lot of people have had a positive experience with a male massage therapist,” she said.

“They have been helpful and they have been honest with their clients.

We also found that women are also using a male therapist.

We think that’s a good sign.”

The study also found a significant gender difference in how men and girls feel about their massage therapist, with women feeling more confident about their therapists’ skills and ability to massage their clients, and men feeling more worried about how their therapist would be treated.

“Male massage therapists have a different experience to female massage practitioners and so they feel more comfortable,” Dr. Clements said.

“There are many male massage practitioners that are also female, so we think that their experience is similar.

We don’t think that there’s a significant difference in their treatment.”

Dr. Coles said the new research showed there is a strong need for more research on massage therapists and their clients and said there is also an increasing need for men and boys to receive more female massage therapy.

“It’s not just the fact that there is more men than women in the industry,” she told CNN.

“It’s the fact there are more men in this particular industry and so we need more research into male massage therapy, and that’s something that we’re looking into.”

The AAMI study is just one of many recent studies into male and female massage, but the association said it is the only one that has looked at the practice’s usage by men.

Dr. Paul Janssen, the president of the Australian Mathers Association, said there were a lot of barriers to access to male massage and he hopes that the new AAMI survey will help the industry to make more inroads with men.

While many men may feel like they have the right to use a female massage therapist when they have not done so themselves, many other factors can prevent them from doing so.

For example, Dr. Jansson said it’s difficult to know how much a male can handle without physical discomfort or fear of embarrassment, and there is often a need for a massage therapist to be physically present with the client for the duration of the session.

“So I think it’s not the massage therapist that’s the problem, it’s the other factors that make the difference between a massage and not a massage,” he said.

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