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How to massage your feet

How to massage your feet

I’ve never heard of a masseuse, but after seeing a video of a woman doing it, I know what it feels like to have them do it for me.

When I saw that she was doing it for her friend, I knew I had to try it.

I went to a local spa and started my massage session by massaging her feet.

I had no idea what was going to happen next.

I couldn’t get over how she was so relaxed.

After my massage, she offered to show me how to do it properly, and I was like, wow, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.

Here are the best tips for doing it right: 1.

Make sure the area is warm.

As soon as you place your feet on the massage table, you’re going to feel hot and your feet will be very sweaty.

The more you massage the feet, the hotter they get.

You want the area to be very warm.

If you’re wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt, try putting it under your feet for a few minutes to prevent sweating.

If it feels warm enough, but it’s still too warm, try a cooler shirt.

You can get a lot of the extra warmth from a teddy bear.


Massage your feet without touching your hands.

While it’s tempting to just massage your toes, it’s important to take your time.

I’d recommend keeping your hands and feet in separate areas for a couple of minutes and then massaging each area individually.

It’ll help to have your feet covered in a warm towel, too.

I personally like to lay my feet on a massage table with my palms on the table, so I can use my fingers to massage the area.

I can feel the heat from my hands and feel how soft my skin is, and it’s really relaxing to just touch my skin.


Keep your hands away from the floor.

When you start massaging your feet, your palms should be facing away from you.

You’re going for the sensation of your feet being pressed together.

You may need to rub your palms against the floor to make sure that they’re still pressed against your feet.

If they’re not, massage them for a bit and then gently squeeze your feet together.

Your hands should feel comfortable and the sensation should ease.

If your feet aren’t completely pressed together, massage slightly, but don’t rub too hard.

You don’t want to make them too hard or you’ll start to get sore.

You might feel a little pain when you start to massage, but the massage will take care of that and you won’t feel sore.


If the massage feels too rough, get a massage partner.

The massage is going to get a little rough for you, so you’ll want to have someone else massage you for a while.

You won’t want your hands to get cold.

The masseuse will know what to do and can help you with any rough areas.

The best thing to do is massage your foot directly on the floor, not between your toes.


Don’t forget your legs.

When massaging the foot, it helps to make the area as smooth as possible.

Try to move your legs and not let your legs touch the floor while you massage.

It can be difficult to massage a leg when you’re using a massage chair.

Try and use a towel or a pair of pliers to gently lift your leg.

You’ll be amazed how the area will feel.

You shouldn’t be able to feel any tension on the muscles of your leg, but just try and move your leg to feel the area a little bit better.

You should also try and rub your legs together as much as you can while massaging.

Massaging your legs isn’t like massaging a teddie.

It’s more like a little massage with your hands, feet, and legs.

I’ve seen some people do it with their knees or ankles, and those are not bad positions to be in, either.


Massages are best for older people.

The amount of massage you do with older people is going a little different than it is for younger people.

I don.t recommend massaging people older than age 55.

People who are at that age have a harder time getting comfortable with their feet, so they don’t need as much help from a masseur.

If I’m massaging my foot on a younger person, I do it gently to feel their feet move up and down on my body, not in a sudden, hard movement.


Massagers should have a towel in the area they’re massaging their feet.

A towel is really important because you’re stretching your skin and making the area feel more comfortable.

You’d be surprised how many people are uncomfortable massaging with a towel around their ankles.

Massagemakers should also be aware that some people have trouble massaging in hot or humid weather.

For that reason, a cooling pad is good to have around.


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