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When your hand is free: Massage recliners are a hit in Texas

When your hand is free: Massage recliners are a hit in Texas

TEXAS — The hand-free massage recliner is one of the hottest products on the market, with more than 10 million units sold in the U.S. and more than 1.4 million in Canada, according to a new survey by research firm Deloitte. 

According to Deloise, sales of hand-held massage recliners have surged more than 75% in the past two years and accounted for about 20% of the total massages sold last year. 

But while hand-based massagers have been gaining popularity, many are still limited in their use by the physical limitations of the hand.

The hands that make up most of the population are mostly covered in skin, so even with the right hand, the massage is still limited by the skin’s limitations.

Some manufacturers have begun to address the limitations of hand massage with massagers that can be used without the hands.

In addition to offering a more convenient and comfortable experience, hand-driven massagers also are becoming more accessible and are often more affordable.

Massage therapist Lora Kallmeyer is among those who use massagers without the need for a hand.

Kallmeyer, who has been offering massages in her downtown Austin massage parlor for 15 years, is a registered massage therapist.

“We have a hand-only, handless version of a massager called a massage chair,” she said.

“It has the arms, it has the feet, it’s got the arms on the legs and it’s like a handless chair.

So, you’re just like a normal massage table, except the arms are in the palm and the feet are on the table.”

There are a few people who use the hand and they’re very good, but I think for the majority of people, I think they just prefer to have their hands on it.

“For the most part, Kalliemers hands are covered in tissue, which is why she can’t get her hands on a massage chair without the help of a massage therapist and a massage machine.”

So, they’re the same as with any other massage device, except they’re not in your hand,” Kallemers therapist, Michelle Schulz, said.

I think that’s the main thing that is driving this trend.””

In general, we’re seeing younger adults who are able to work outside of their homes, or who are living at home, and who are not as physically capable,” said Amy Eisner, a registered nurse with a nursing license and an exercise and social skills certification.

“I think that’s the main thing that is driving this trend.”

While many massage therapists in Texas say they have seen a decline in the number of patients seeking care from them because of decreased demand, others say they’re seeing a significant increase in patients because of increased demand.

Lorraine O’Neill is one such massage therapist who has seen a lot of growth in her practice since she started offering massagers more than a decade ago.

As a licensed therapist, O’Neills job is to provide massage therapy in her home, but now she’s seen an uptick in patients who are looking for a place to get a massage.

“We’ve seen an increase in the numbers of patients, and in our office, the number that have come in are adults and children,” she explained.

“We’ve also seen more patients in the office that are younger, with the average age being around 40, and the older the patient, the more often they have been seeking treatment for their mobility issues.”

For a therapist to offer massage therapy without a massage device requires a license and a certification, and O’Neals certification is from the American College of Surgeons.

O’Neil said that she doesn’t see any issue with having a certification from an accredited medical organization.

“You have to be able to offer services to the patients and their families, and then you have to have the ability to be certified in that area,” she added. 

O’Neill said that although there have been changes in massage therapy, she sees a similar trend for other massage therapy practices.

For example, she said, in addition to the hand-less massage chair, many therapists have started offering hand massages, which can be done on a variety of massage surfaces.

“People are looking to see a hand massage and feel a massage and then they can adjust it to fit the patient,” she noted.

While it’s not the same, massage therapists can provide massage services with an assistive device, like a wheelchair or a cane.

But because massage therapy requires the therapist to be physically present at the massage table while doing it, there are restrictions on the use of an assistitive device that may limit


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