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Woman in massage therapy claims she was raped by her therapist’s girlfriend

Woman in massage therapy claims she was raped by her therapist’s girlfriend

Posted August 06, 2018 06:30:59A woman in massage therapist training in Michigan is suing her therapist and her employer for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting her, The Detroit News reported.

Jenny Busser, 32, claims that in the summer of 2018, she was taken to a massage parlor at a strip club by her former masseur’s girlfriend and her then-husband.

The alleged assaults happened while Bussers home was being searched by police and her husband was being held at a local jail on charges of domestic battery, according to the newspaper.

According to the lawsuit, Bussinger said she felt uncomfortable and “disoriented” while she was at the massage parlors.

She said she was forced to perform sex acts and strip-searches while she waited to be interviewed by police.

She said the man told her, “You need to go home and you need to get some rest, you’re going to get raped.”

The man also told her that he was a massage therapist and that he would give her a massage if she did not leave, the lawsuit claims.

The man said he also promised to send Busserman a video of himself performing sex acts, but never did, the suit claims.

Busser claims she left the massage salon in July 2018 and that the couple continued to communicate with each other, but she never heard from them again.

Buses attorney, David Cramer, said his client had not heard of the lawsuit and did not know of any criminal charges against her.

Cramer said Bussinger is “very upset and angry” about the allegations.

He said she has not yet had an opportunity to meet with prosecutors about the case.

“She’s also extremely concerned that this is going to affect her ability to get jobs in the future,” he said.

Bills owner and general manager Don Shumaker said he was unaware of the alleged assaults.

Shumaker is also a former massage therapist.

He told The Detroit Post in an email that Bussering was “never a member of the team” and was not a masseur in the past.

“This is a tragic event, and we are trying to understand what happened to this woman, who has been a great employee and friend to the team,” Shumakers email said.

“Ms. Busseri was an amazing massage therapist for us and we were very proud of her.

She is devastated by this news and is working with her attorney.”

In the lawsuit filed in court last month, Bums attorney claims that the massage therapists’ former massage manager and the masseur who assaulted her are the same person and are being sued because they are the only people involved.

The lawsuit claims that after the alleged assault, the massage therapist allegedly threatened Busserns children, who were present at the alleged events, with physical harm if she told anyone about what happened.

The suit claims the woman also threatened Besser and her children.

The plaintiff says the alleged incidents happened between June 2018 and June 2019, the same time she was working as a massage therapists assistant.

The suit also alleges that in May 2018, Bessers husband allegedly attacked her, and the couple’s home was searched by authorities.

BessERS husband, Christopher Busserc, allegedly assaulted Busservices ex-husband, Andrew Busserbus, while they were at work, the complaint alleges.

Besservices husband is charged with one count of felony domestic battery.

He is currently being held in the Wayne County Jail.

The case is currently before a judge.


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