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How Asian-American masseuses are making a living on a $5.5 million massage business

How Asian-American masseuses are making a living on a $5.5 million massage business

The Chinese spa industry is booming in the United States, and it’s getting a lot of attention from the national press.

The spa has been an integral part of the Chinese culture for centuries.

But according to a CNN investigation, a number of Asian-Americans working in the business are not only struggling financially but are also feeling underrepresented in the industry.

The spa is a very small part of a national industry that is valued at more than $5 billion, according to the National Asian American Business Council.

It’s one of the few Asian-owned businesses in the U.S. with a full-time workforce of more than 2,000 people.

It employs more than 60,000 Americans.

It’s a niche business that is making a comeback, according in a report on CNN Money.

“This is the only industry in the country that has a lot to offer and people are looking for it,” said James P. Wang, the CEO of the company called Body-Maintaining Spa.

Wang said the business is thriving, but the growth rate is slowing.

It had a $1.8 million loss for the fourth quarter, according a report from the National Association of Home Builders.

It has lost $600,000 in the last year.

The majority of Asian Americans who work in the massage industry are not working full time, said T. J. Hwang, a retired professor of human resources and management at the University of Florida.

“It’s really hard to do it full-timously,” he said.

The American Association of Ethnic and Racial Studies said that the massage spa is largely a male-dominated industry.

Asian-American massage therapists are the fastest-growing segment of the business, according the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an industry association.

They make up nearly 5 percent of the total massage workforce, but they make up only about 10 percent of total spa clients.

According to the association, Asian-Pacific American massage therapists represent 8 percent of massage therapists in the state of Florida, and about 6 percent of all massage therapists.

Asian-Americans are also disproportionately represented in a number the businesses are offering: a 20 percent referral rate to Asian- and Pacific Islander-owned massage businesses, compared with 6 percent for non-Asian-owned and 4 percent for Caucasian-owned.

The American Society of Human Resource Management said it doesn’t have a specific quota for Asian-Asian or Pacific-American staff, but that they are “among the most diverse groups in the field.”

“We have a very high demand for those types of workers,” said Karen O’Keefe, the society’s president.

“We really appreciate that the spa has a really high demand,” she said.

“There’s a lot going on out there, and the spa wants to make sure that they’re there.”

The American Massage Association says that it has reached out to massage therapists who have been hurt by a recent discrimination lawsuit in Florida, but no one has heard back.

In an interview with CNN, the president of the American Massages Association, Chris Dias, said there are some Asian- Americans who are trying to change that.

He said that there are many Asian- American massage providers in Florida and that there is a need for more people of color.

He said that he and his members are also looking to get more diversity into the industry because he sees that Asian-Australians and Pacific Islanders are disproportionately represented at the local level.

The Chinese spa business is booming, but there are still a lot more Asian-ethnic massage therapists than there are white ones in the US, according Wang.

Wong said that many of his massage therapists have had to turn to illegal sources for clients.

One man, for example, told CNN he needed to hire a black masseuse because she is white.

Wamang said that Chinese people are working to change this problem.

He says that some of the best Asian-aboriginal massage therapists he has worked with have also been working to get Asian-asians into the business.

“They’re really getting it,” he told CNN.

“They’re doing a lot.

They’re getting it out.”

The business is growing quickly in the Sunshine State.

In 2016, it reported a $8.3 million profit, according an Associated Press report.

The AP found that more than half of the massage therapists employed at the spa were Asian-origin.

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