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‘The Hottest 100’ Is Out In Japan With a Massive $20 Million Hit!

‘The Hottest 100’ Is Out In Japan With a Massive $20 Million Hit!

On March 8, the Japanese hitmaker Wahl Massager and its rival Massage Fuck received an official Japanese release, which was followed up a few days later by the massages and their $20 million hit in Japan.

With this new wave of Japanese releases, it is easy to understand why Wahl and Massage fuck are in such high demand in Japan: the company has been working with the country’s biggest porn producers and brands for the last few years, making the products available to the market.

In fact, Wahl is one of the biggest companies in Japan, producing about 100 massages per day and providing massages to hundreds of Japanese companies, including major brands like Asustek and BigBadVape.

“Wahl is a company that’s been working on massaging products for years, and this is the most popular product they produce,” says Akira Hirai, Wampum’s CEO.

“We have a good relationship with them and have been supplying them with massages since 2012.”

The Massage Wahl has a unique blend of ingredients.

In the US, massages typically consist of a lot of water, sugar, and herbs, but in Japan they use coconut oil and palm oil, which have both been shown to help with a more natural massage.

Wahl says it has to balance the ingredients in each massager to make sure it feels natural and pleasurable, so they use organic and natural ingredients like soy and rice.

“When we first started to make massages, we used to use oil because we wanted the oil to feel nice and smooth, but now we use a lot more organic ingredients like rice and soy,” says Hirai.

“As we’ve worked on this product, we’ve learned more about the ingredients and how to make it so that it feels nice and safe.”

Wahl massages can also be massaged by hand, which Hirai says they have found is easier than massaging a product like a vibrator.

The massager itself can also do some stretching and relaxation exercises, like yoga-style yoga poses.

“For massaging massages in particular, you can massage it up and down, or you can stretch it,” says Wahl.

“It’s very important that you stretch it.

You can’t get rid of the vibration and you can’t just leave it on.”

It’s hard to compare massages with a massaging machine, because massages are more expensive in Japan than anywhere else, but Wahl believes massages have the potential to become a big part of the sex industry in the future.

“I think massages will be very popular in Japan in the near future,” says the company’s Hirai about the massage market.

“This is why we’re here, and we’re so excited to work with them.”


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