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Why we can’t take this anymore

Why we can’t take this anymore

The New York Times has a special story on the future of massage parlors in the United States, and it’s an interesting one.

It’s not just that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDMH) wants to shut down these businesses.

The NYCDMH also wants to put them out of business and has already taken action against some of the biggest providers, like the Los Angeles-based Soma Spa and Spa, which has more than 10,000 massage parLs in the country and has been operating in New York since 1999.

But the real danger to these businesses comes from a state mandate that has the potential to ruin them in ways we’re still trying to understand.

That mandate requires massage par lors to get special licenses that allow them to practice and to operate.

But because these licenses are limited to massage parlocs who are licensed in New Jersey and Connecticut, New York will be the only state where these massage parls can operate.

And if you think the only way to protect massage parlices from these regulations is to shut them down, you’re wrong.

There are several reasons for this.

The first is that state regulators have failed to understand the basic concepts of massage therapy.

The New York State Department of Education, for example, did a study and found that over 80 percent of massage therapists do not have formal training in the field, and that a significant number of them are not even licensed.

That study found that just 8 percent of therapists had received a massage therapy license in New Zealand, where they make up more than 50 percent of the massage therapists there.

And in a state like New Jersey, where we have so many massage therapists, the study also found that only 1 percent of all massage therapists have a massage therapist license in the state.

The rest have no license at all.

There is a simple solution to this: get licensed in your state.

It’s the best way to keep the rest of us safe from the regulatory onslaught.

The second reason is that massage parlcors in New Hampshire are regulated differently than massage parlers in the rest on this list.

The state of New Hampshire is one of the few states in the U.S. where the majority of massage-therapy licensure is through a medical board.

The board’s job is to protect the health and safety of all members of the community, including massage therapists and other health professionals.

The state does not have the power to regulate a massage-parlor business like the one Soma is in.

That is a critical difference.

A licensed massage therapist can perform as many as 100 different types of physical and mental therapy on a patient.

But a massage parler can only perform a single type of massage, which is to relieve a client’s stress or pain.

That type of therapy is called an “exercise therapy” or “massage therapy.”

When it comes to massage therapy, the difference is that a licensed massage practitioner is allowed to treat the client on their own time and schedule.

That’s a difference that is not possible in massage parlance.

Massage therapists and massage parliors have very different needs and different levels of experience.

Massaging therapists need to be able to give the client an effective and appropriate massage.

Massage therapists are trained in massage therapy and often work in a private practice.

Massagers are often employed by a professional body care service.

Massagers are not trained in physical therapy and typically do not do any physical therapy.

Massages can take place at home or in a public or private facility.

The difference between massage parles and massage therapists is that they are allowed to work under the same set of rules, while massage therapists are not.

Massages can be performed anywhere in the world.

Massaging therapists can also do a wide variety of types of treatment, from therapeutic massage to traditional and alternative methods of therapy, such as chiropractic, massage therapy or deep body work.

And massage parlees can do a variety of different types and techniques.

These differences make massage therapists a unique class of health professionals, one that we need to keep safe and healthy in the future.

But what about massage parlels?

In the United Kingdom, the government does not regulate massage parliment, a practice that provides a variety, sometimes a wide range of, physical and psychological treatments, for all kinds of conditions.

The government does, however, regulate some types of massage services, such, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy, and they require the same types of licenses as a licensed therapist.

Massagistes in the UK are not required to get a massage license.

The same applies to massage therapists in the US.

The problem with this is that we don’t have a good understanding of the physical and behavioral aspects of massage.

We have not developed an understanding of what the body wants, and what the client wants, from a therapist.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most massage therapists practice only in a controlled setting and are limited by their skill


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