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How to Get More Body Sex in Your Bedroom

How to Get More Body Sex in Your Bedroom

A lot of guys say that the first thing they do when they walk into a room is massage their body.

However, a lot of men who massage their bodies aren’t really doing it for the “fun” of it, but rather because it’s a way to increase their “power,” according to a new study.

As The Huffington Post’s Jessica Hische reports, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota, conducted by students and published in the journal Psychological Science, found that the more guys massage their muscles, the more power they get when it comes to sexual encounters.

Researchers wanted to find out whether it was possible to increase sexual interest by increasing the intensity of sexual contact between men.

So, they asked about 200 men to perform some sort of sexual act with a partner.

In the end, they found that when the men had done something that felt “physical,” like rubbing their hands together, it didn’t seem to do much to increase arousal.

Instead, they felt more aroused when they rubbed their genitals together.

This means that if you want to increase your power, you have to practice.

The study also showed that guys who massage are less likely to feel aroused when doing it with someone else, which makes sense because it requires you to be more physically present to get the same results.

You can’t be a virgin when you have an erection, so if you’re having sex with someone who’s not getting aroused by your actions, it’s going to feel a lot less intense than if you were just rubbing hands together.

The Huffington News explains: It’s not just that guys are less aroused by the physical act.

They’re also less likely if they have a partner who’s less attracted to them, the study found.

“A lot of times guys get excited by the idea of rubbing their genitals, so it’s kind of like a form of reward,” said lead author Dr. Rachel A. Deutsch, a psychology professor at the university.

“It can also be an indicator of a partner being sexually interested in you.”

As a bonus, it can help you have more sex, too.

The guys who performed the highest amount of sex, which was just touching hands together and then rubbing their bodies together, felt the most aroused, Deutsch told The Huffington Report.

The research also found that women who have sex with a man who’s rubbing their penis were more likely to experience orgasm, so they may want to practice doing this in a relationship.


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