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How to have a hot and sexy massage with a dolly

How to Have a Hot and Sexy Massage with a Dolly 1.

Use a Dildo or Dildo-shaped Toy 2.

Take your dolly to a massage table or a table with a towel.


Get a massage oil or cream and massage it onto your face and body.


If you’re feeling up to a little extra steam, you can massage your neck and shoulders.


Take the dolly and massage your body part(s) to a table.


Now you can go back to your bedroom and have your boyfriends penis stroked, fingered, or fingered up your ass.


You can massage the sides of your legs.


Make sure your boyfriend is still wearing his clothes and his penis is still in place.


If he’s still erect, you may want to massage the bottom of your bum.


If your boyfriend isn’t wearing pants, you might want to use a butt plug.


Put your boyfriend on a table and massage his balls.


Make him suck on your dick until he cums.


If his cock is still erect and your boyfriend doesn’t have a dick, massage his face.


If both your boyfriend and your girlfriend are wearing their underwear, take off their panties.


You may want your boyfriend to masturbate on a doll.


If either your boyfriend or your girlfriend has a cock, put your cock in the doll.


Your boyfriend should have his cock sucked and your girl should lick your balls.


Take off your boyfriend’s shirt.


Make your boyfriend stroke your face until he ejaculates.


Make both of your boyfriend sis suck your cock.


Make her put her finger inside your pussy.


If the doll is too small, you’re not allowed to massage it. 23.

Make them use the doll for sex.


You should be allowed to touch the doll if your boyfriend has a dick.


Make their partner suck the doll’s cock and make their partner rub their clit.


If they’re both wearing their panties, you should be able to touch your clit while their boyfriends dick is inside your vagina.


Make each partner stroke your cock until they cum.


Make one of them stroke your dick while the other sucks your dick.


You don’t have to use the toy if you’re a virgin.


You must use a blow job doll in the bedroom if your partner is a virgin and you are not pregnant.


You need to use both the toy and blow job dildos.


If it’s not a toy, you must have your partner’s permission to use it. 33.

You’ll need a lot of lubricant to get your boyfriend off, so get some lubricant.


If neither of you is wearing underwear, you will need to wear panties.


Your toy is not required if you have a partner.


You do not have to wear the doll while you have sex.


Your girlfriend will have to help you out with getting it wet.


If a friend or family member is watching, it is okay to use their toys to help out.


You have to be careful with the doll and you’ll need to be gentle with your partner if you need to. 40.

Make yourself orgasm with the toy while you stroke the penis.


If this is your first time, make sure your partner understands the doll so that he or she can learn how to use them correctly.


If an old boyfriend has sex with you, you’ll be able get a new doll for him to use.


If there are two dildoes, they will have different parts and the same doll will be used.


Your partner will have the ability to wear pants while they are stroking your cock and if he or he doesn’t wear pants, they won’t have the power to use your toy.


If one of you has been with a partner who has been cheating on you, it’s important to talk to your partner about the doll before you start.


You and your partner need to have the option to use one of the toys at a time.


If someone asks you to use another toy, make it known that it’s okay.


If any of your partner sis has a problem with your penis, they need to talk with their partner about how to fix it. 49.

If she or he has an erection and you don’t, talk to them about how you feel about using a toy.


If anyone is looking, you need your partner to put on a condom and take off your clothes.


If somebody asks you, “Do you want to have sex?”, you need both partners


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