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The new massage therapy industry in the US

Axios readers: Are massage therapists really “medicine” and can they really be “medically qualified?”

It’s a tough question.

But the new massage industry in America has been a bit of a mixed bag.

Here are some of the highlights from a wide range of massage therapists who specialize in treating the massage of the spine, neck, back and other body parts.1.

David and Susan Tisch, a massage therapist in Los Angeles, specialize in “craniofacial, spinal, back, and neck” massage.

The Tischs are the owners of a Los Angeles-based massage therapy center, but their clients are mostly “medics and the disabled.”

(Courtesy of David and Sue Tisch)2.

David Tisch is an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego, California, and the president of the Orthopedic Surgery Association of America.

(Courtesy David and Sarah Tisch).3.

The former president of a California chiropractic group and chiropractors association, David Tishich, is also an orthodontist and a massage therapy therapist.

He’s a chiropractor by trade and a bodywork massage therapist.4.

The owner of a massage service, the Tisch’s, is a former massage therapist and a chiropractor by trade.

(David and Sarah)5.

The company that runs the Tish’s spa is called The Tish Family Spa and Health Center.

The “Tish Family” is a reference to the Tisha Bisset-led television series The Bissetts.6.

A chiropractor who uses massage therapy for his patients, Dr. David A. Tish, is married to Dr. Jill Tisch.7.

The spa is run by a former medical doctor and massage therapist, Dr and Mrs. David, who are both registered massage therapists and the owners and managers of the Tishes Spa.8.

The Biskups, a chiropodist, is the president and CEO of The Tishing Clinic.9.

David has an associate’s degree in massage therapy from San Francisco State University.10.

David’s daughter is a massage technician, as well as a chiropodiologist and massage therapists, and they both work as massage therapists at The Tisches Spa.11.

David was a massage and acupuncture therapist for a few years in the San Francisco area before moving to Los Angeles in 2004.

He now practices in Southern California.12.

The practice is run out of an old house in San Fernando Valley, near the Tishing Family Spa.

The house has been the Tischys main business and is known as “The Tish House” because it was used for “medicated massage” sessions before it was sold to The Tishes.13.

The family has four other massage therapists in Los Feliz, including one who works at The Spa.14.

The couple started their practice as an independent clinic in San Francisco in 1996 and the Tises are also a part of the Board of Directors for the San Diego Chapter of the American Board of Chiropractic and a member of the California Chiropractor Association.15.

David says that his clients are primarily disabled, so he’s not a doctor and has no credentials.

He works from home with his wife and two daughters.

(The Tisch family)16.

The masseuse who is also the owner of The Spa is a chiroporecordist by trade, Dr Susan Tish.17.

David is also a massage therapists instructor at the San Fernando Family Clinic.18.

The clinic is run entirely by massage therapists through The Tshis Spa.19.

Dr. Tisch has also worked at a local chiropractor’s group and massage therapy service called The Health Center, a reference of The Biscuits.20.

David works from a small office in a residential neighborhood near San Fernando.

(Photo: David Tisher)21.

David told Axios that he “always has to be careful about being overly aggressive” because his clients “want a professional” experience.

But he added, “they’re not going to let you do something they don’t want.”22.

David said he’s been able to “totally make my practice feel like home, which I really enjoy.”23.

David also said that he is “very comfortable with” working from home, “and I feel like I’m a part-time therapist.”

He added, in a separate interview with Axios, that he does not work from home.24.

The therapist who runs the “medication room” at the T-sizes spa is Dr. Karen Olesen, a former dental hygienist and physician who has experience treating the neck, shoulder and back.25.

The two massage therapists (Dr. Tishes and Dr. Olesens) also work from a separate office at TheTishs Spa.26.

The therapists’ office is located on the second floor of a house in a shopping mall in San Bernardino,


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